Do you have an editor or in-house team but don’t have the resources for the shoot? Contact us and we can set you up with our Director of Photography, crew and equipment for your shoot. We do everything from corporate interviews, political ads, event b-roll and onsite interviews for highlight packages. Sorry, we do not do live recording of stage events, graduations or weddings. Let us know what you're looking for! Call Erik Soulliard (Director) at 917.520.0898 or simply email us directly at info@annubisproductions.com

Some of our freelance camera services include:

• Director of Photography
• Camera Crew
• Professional Equipment
• Lighting / Sound
• Video Editing

We have multiple camera packages to meet any budget. Our RED Scarlet is 4K and delivers amazing high-end images while our Canon C200 and C100 cameras give a beautiful look to those shoots that have a tighter budget.

If it’s professional lighting you need then we have you covered! Our LED full battery package is great for fast shoots with lots of locations or remote areas with no power. The tungsten hot lights are the perfect tool for static locations and big sets. We can cover your shooting needs from camera to lighting to sound. We offer both wireless and wired audio packages. Our goal is always to work with you to find out what your vision is and then deliver everything needed to bring that to life in post-production.

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Annubis Productions

Award-winning full service commercial video production company based in Central PA. We create a variety of video and film work including: promos, interviews, conceptual commercials, music videos and feature films.


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