Licensed and Insured Drone Services for Your Business

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable drone service provider? We are licensed and insured and offer aerial photography and videography. We are FAA-certified and use the latest drone technology. Let us know what you're looking for! Call Erik Soulliard (Director) at 917.520.0898 or simply email us directly at info@annubisproductions.com.

Some of our drone photography and videography services include:

Aerial photography
We can capture stunning aerial photos of your property and business.

We create high-quality aerial videos that will wow your clients or customers.

Combine our drone services with our editing and commercial writing skills for a complete package.

We offer competitive rates designed to meet the needs of any project.

Drone videography services have revolutionized the field of visual storytelling, offering a unique and breathtaking perspective that was once difficult or impossible to achieve. Utilizing unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with high-quality cameras, these services capture stunning aerial footage for various purposes.

From cinematic shots for films and documentaries to promotional videos for real estate or events, drone videography adds a dynamic and immersive element to visual content.

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Annubis Productions

Award-winning full service commercial video production company based in Central PA. We create a variety of video and film work including: promos, interviews, conceptual commercials, music videos and feature films.


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